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If you’re ready to move your life forward without alcohol or other substances, New Method Healing Center is here to help. We provide top-quality care focusing on complete mind, body & soul restoration, one step at a time. Reach out to learn more about our recovery homes and substance abuse programs, and take a tour to see if we’re the right fit for you.

Let’s Start At The Beginning.

Why wait to begin living the sober life you desire and deserve? There’s no better time than the present to join our treatment program — your path to recovery can start TODAY. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.

From the very beginning, New Method Healing Centers have prided itself on providing the highest quality treatment services to all of our clients. It’s simple. We are passionate about recovery. And we are passionate about the environment in which your path to recovery starts. Our beautiful and spacious addiction recovery homes offer a safe and inspiring place that promote therapeutic healing and true, lasting recovery.

Recovery Housing

New Method Healing Centers provide upscale treatment homes for both men and women, allowing them to start their journey towards recovery in a safe and comfortable living environment. We have multiple homes across the Phoenix-Metro area, and each one is spacious, inspiring, and designed with modern amenities to enhance and promote therapeutic healing.

Support & Encouragement

No one should go through the process of recovering from drug and alcohol addiction alone. The staff at New Method Healing Centers understand first-hand how important support and encouragement are on the path to recovery. The cornerstone of our program is to provide a positive, upbeat and supportive environment where your healing can safely begin.

The 12-Step Model

If you are looking for a proven 12-Step-based recovery program for residential treatment, you’ve come to the right place. Our rehab center offers just that. Our programs can help you achieve lasting sobriety and reclaim your life. Contact us today to learn more about our program and how we can help you or your loved one start on the road to recovery.

Dedicated Staff

The staff at New Method Healing Centers understand first-hand how difficult addiction can be. We have caring and experienced staff on-site, that provide you with all the support you need (and more!) to overcome your addiction and get your life back on track. We care about you. And we care about your recovery.

Meet the founder

I’ve Been There.

Throughout his time on the job, and the years that followed, Mario has built a network of caring individuals that has grown into an exceptional and dedicated addiction treatment team focusing on bringing positive change to the Phoenix-Metro area.

It wasn’t always like that. Just like you or your loved one, Mario has been in the trenches. He took his first-hand experience with addiction, and ultimately life-changing path of recovery, to create New Method Healing Center. The organization’s mission is to help and serve others who are seeking a safe place to jumpstart their recovery.

We’re Here For You.

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We’d love to discuss how New Method Healing Center can help you leave substances behind and bring healing to your life.

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