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Trusted by hundreds of clients. New Method provides dedicated, personalized trauma-informed treatment plans for both men and women who are dealing with substance use disorders.

Your Life. Reclaimed.

Alcohol & Drug Addiction Therapy in Phoenix, AZ

New Method believes that trauma work and trauma-informed care is the best way to go from coping, to living fully and freely without depending on drugs or alcohol. Trauma-informed therapy recognizes a person’s substance use often manifests to cope with overwhelming emotions and intrusive memories of feeling unsafe or threatened. A trauma-informed addiction treatment prioritizes your safety. Your therapist will help you develop practical skills to manage any potential triggering flashbacks or overwhelming responses, before exploring how trauma has played a role in your life. Your therapist works in gradual increments, while helping you find personal resources, coping techniques, and connections with supportive people.

Respect & Safety.

Creating a respectful, compassionate, and safe arena for doing the work.

You Have Value.

Supporting self-compassion and self-respect to counteract the shame and guilt that is the inevitable byproduct of a person’s experience with addiction, and often underlying mental health issues and trauma.

Personalized Paths.

Helping individuals develop their own healthy solutions to the problems that they have identified as obstacles to their recovery.

When it comes time to make the necessary changes in life, you need a sober living facility that will put you on the right track to a sober life. That’s what makes a male recovery house so important in this regard. Our recovery services are specifically tailored to your needs. New Method Healing Center is a common choice for male patients who seek the perfect rehab facility. We specialize in providing addiction treatment focused on both the short term and the long haul, giving our patients the tools they need to rejoin their typical daily routine. Our lasting care is designed to ensure a far smoother transition, thanks to our healing environments. After all, recovery services are not meant to be a one-size-fits-all proposition. We pride ourselves on providing customized plans designed with each resident in mind. While we will draw on our years of experience to come up with each plan, we do not believe in duplicating a recovery plan. Our licensed clinicians know the importance of working with each patient on a more individual level. Contact us today!

Individualized Care

  • Case Management services to aid in reintegration of society
  • 12-Step-based recovery program
  • Group therapy
  • Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical-Behavioral Therapy (DBT)

Holistic Approach

  • Meditation
  • Relapse prevention planning
  • 12-Step Meetings
  • Life Skills 
  • Gym Access & Fitness Programs
  • Nutritional Coaching

Healing Homes

  • Spacious & safe living environments
  • Comfortable layouts
  • Modern & luxury amenities
  • Kind & caring on-site staff
  • Positive & upbeat environment
  • Staff that are passionate about helping you find your next steps

New Method Healing Center prides itself on matching effective addiction treatment services with lovely accommodations.

When you place your trust in our addiction recovery home, we will provide you with the best possible coping methods. Trauma-informed care and trauma work are how we go about this task as we look to address the root cause of the underlying issues. With trauma-informed care, the use of substances is examined in a far more thorough manner.

The primary areas of concern are intrusive memories and overwhelming emotions that cause a patient to use. This approach is designed to prioritize the patient’s safety, giving them the practical skills they need to manage these emotions in the future. Triggering flashbacks may still occur once the course of treatment is complete, but once a patient has had the chance to explore the role this trauma has played in their life?

They become much easier to manage. Our therapists will work with you in gradual increments, allowing you to find the right connections, personal resources, and coping techniques to ensure long-term success. Each patient is valued and given the support they need to develop the necessary self-respect and self-compassion.

Thanks to our personalized paths and holistic approach, our patients are given the life skills they need to improve their lives. With our guidance, you will be able to walk a more serene and peaceful path going forward.

“The team at New Method Healing Center was out to help us with yard clearing and other household tasks, as a part of a volunteer program for the New Method clients. The clients were very respectful, helpful, and such nice people! The staff was great at helping control our day project. Definitely recommend working with their program!”

- SW

“My time at New Method was truly a life changing experience. New Method saved my life. I learned here how to be a grown man. There I was given my life back. After just a short time, I was able to follow my goals and achieve them. I now live in my own apartment with a job at a treatment facility. I owe all this to Mario and the New Method Program.”

- CB

“Mario has been there for me since the very first day of my journey, and I have no doubt he will be there for anyone in their time of need. He is someone you can always depend on, and has a passion for helping people like no other. I hope anyone that’s looking for any help or guidance can experience the serenity Mario and his team have to offer.”

- AE


Are you a Sober Living?

No, we are a Licensed Behavioral Health Residential Facility.

Can I have my phone or computer?

New Method believes in clients focusing on their recovery without distractions during the beginning of their stay. That being said, the ability to have electronics, such as a phone or computer, is possible when the clinical team deems it appropriate.

Can I have visitors while I’m in treatment?

Yes, scheduled visits are available throughout the duration of treatment.

What insurance plans do you accept?

Currently we take AHCCCS plans: AZ Complete, American Indian Health Plan, and cash pay. 

Can I smoke?

Yes, smoking is allowed.

Where is the facility located?

New Method is centrally located on 21st Ave, between Camelback and Indian School.

Meet Mario.

Mario served 9 years as a valley firefighter and paramedic. He’s a Phoenix native and a proud father of four. He’s also a recovering alcoholic and addict, having completed the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as well as residential treatment, PHP’s and IOP programs.

Mario remains active in AA and sponsors men and women seeking sobriety. His dream is to give back and help impact those in need of changing their lives and breaking the addiction.

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